Friday, 21 May 2010

There's no place like home..

These past few weeks, Worcester has really been losing its charm.

It used to be a sanctuary, a place where I could escape the vile, miscreants that live in West Bromwich. And to a point it is...

I love taking walks in Worcester, not waking up opposite a factory, not feeling like I'm going to get stabbed while taking a simple bus journey to town, no HAVING to get a bus everywhere you go...

But the reality of Worcester is that it is not home. Not anymore.

This time last year the thought of leaving Worcester tore me apart, three months away from the place and the people who changed my life. The people who had respect for me and the people who treated me different than i have been treated before.

This year I cant wait to get home. Away form the hypocrisy of people, the selfishness, the vanity, people who think the world revolves around them. People who only want you when they need something.

I truly am looking forward to next year and the amazing house I have lined up for me. I just think the best place for me right now is the place I detest, with my friends and family. <3

Lets hope Worcester can improve next year...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Creative Writing YOU WHORE

I had to write a formal poem, and i chose an elegy (poem to someone who has died)

I have called it "Tombe" which is "Fallen" in french :)



I sit and I wait for you to appear
Yet nothing, no sign, how could you forget?
I expect I’ll fold under the weight of my tears
Crushed by the promise you were too careless to have met

They lead me gently, vows still in hand
Down past the pews and the exquisite stained glass
Whispering explanations I cannot understand
Reason’s to why there won’t be a mass

I only catch glimpses of their carefully placed words
Hit, may be critical, hole in his lung
I remove my veil yet awareness remains blurred
Trying to speak without possession of my tongue

Refusing to watch them intrude on your purgatory,
I allow myself to be swept into the churning of lights
To escape the parade, standing by so cautiously
Empathetic thoughts for the lady in white

It does not take long for them to establish you’re deceased
And abruptly they strip me of my untainted white dress
Replacing with a uniform; dark, sullen and creased
Appropriate really, designed to depress

I think they’re expecting me to fall apart completely
For my broken heart to effortlessly consume
However I’m afraid I cannot talk about you so sweetly
You did not fulfil your duty as a breathing bridegroom

You allowed yourself to be vulnerable, you didn’t escape death
Your self-centred actions have left me alone
I have not a husband, a companion to share breath
I have only empty words, etched on a gravestone