Friday, 26 February 2010


This week my homework for creative writing is to write a blog on rejection...


Where oh where will i find the material for that?

Monday, 22 February 2010

A shout out to love

Its time I started focussing on me and the people who are worth it.
I feel blogger is the only place I can express my true feelings for this person...this person I cant stop thinking about.

Nobody else will accept it.

I hope you my sweet blog will...

Ode to Alan Rickman

Oh Mr Rickman, my heart doth beat to and fro'
As i must confess that i love you so.
It may be slighty taboo, because of the difference in age
Yet who can deny when true love takes the stage.
I see you night after night, the star of my screen
From Black hair to Grey, your face is a dream!

Oh Mr Rickman, I'll be there for you
And you can be sure that my heart will be true.
Damn Bruce Willis, throwing you from a building which was 40 story
I swear i'd have saved would have been glory!
Everyone hates your greasy featured Snape
Except for me, my dear we shall escape.

Oh Mr Rickman, i dont care about the wrinkles on your skin
For me all that matters is your beauty within
I would have been there in time to stop Mr Todd
(I find him attractive too...isn't that odd!)
You ask, how will this work practically...
And all i can say, is Mr Rickman...Love Actually <3

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Smile like you mean it, doo dooo dooooooo doo dooo doooooo dooooooooooooooo!

:) I can honestly smile like i MEAN it :)
Weird feeling.

Last night made me feel really good about myself. Its nice to actually feel worth something. So. This blog isnt going to mention reasons to be down. Its going to mention a few amazing people who i like to call my friends.

I wish everyone new how much they mean to me, and just how much they have been helping me this past week. I feel blessed to have such amazing people looking out for me. Whether its doing something stupid to make me laugh, having me stay over just so i wont be alone, making cups of tea or staying up till the early hours of the morning letting me all means so much.

So this is a thank you. To let those bloody amazing people who i love know just how much they mean to me!!!

Next year is going to be IMMENSE!!!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Positivity here i come.

Exactly what it says on the tin.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

He loves me. He loves me not.

Take a bow, because you've taken everything else.
You played the part and like a star you played it so well.
Take a Bow, because the scene is coming to an end
I gave you love, all you gave me was pretend.

I just wrote a draft of a blog.
An angry hateful blog.

But i have deleted it.

I have so many feelings i want to write down, but i dont think here is the place.

Im hurt. Actually hurt doesn't cover it. I feel like half a person. The other has been taken away, without warning. I dont really know what to do with myself. I know its early days but i just want this feeling to go, i dont think about anything anymore i just feel this pain.

What i cant stand is how angry i am. How much i want someone to feel pain.

But for now im not going to tell my side. Everyone can listen to the lies. I haven't got the heart to recall the how's and why's. One day i will though. When im ready.

I just hope he knows what he has lost.