Saturday, 13 February 2010


Smile like you mean it, doo dooo dooooooo doo dooo doooooo dooooooooooooooo!

:) I can honestly smile like i MEAN it :)
Weird feeling.

Last night made me feel really good about myself. Its nice to actually feel worth something. So. This blog isnt going to mention reasons to be down. Its going to mention a few amazing people who i like to call my friends.

I wish everyone new how much they mean to me, and just how much they have been helping me this past week. I feel blessed to have such amazing people looking out for me. Whether its doing something stupid to make me laugh, having me stay over just so i wont be alone, making cups of tea or staying up till the early hours of the morning letting me all means so much.

So this is a thank you. To let those bloody amazing people who i love know just how much they mean to me!!!

Next year is going to be IMMENSE!!!

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