Monday, 22 February 2010

A shout out to love

Its time I started focussing on me and the people who are worth it.
I feel blogger is the only place I can express my true feelings for this person...this person I cant stop thinking about.

Nobody else will accept it.

I hope you my sweet blog will...

Ode to Alan Rickman

Oh Mr Rickman, my heart doth beat to and fro'
As i must confess that i love you so.
It may be slighty taboo, because of the difference in age
Yet who can deny when true love takes the stage.
I see you night after night, the star of my screen
From Black hair to Grey, your face is a dream!

Oh Mr Rickman, I'll be there for you
And you can be sure that my heart will be true.
Damn Bruce Willis, throwing you from a building which was 40 story
I swear i'd have saved would have been glory!
Everyone hates your greasy featured Snape
Except for me, my dear we shall escape.

Oh Mr Rickman, i dont care about the wrinkles on your skin
For me all that matters is your beauty within
I would have been there in time to stop Mr Todd
(I find him attractive too...isn't that odd!)
You ask, how will this work practically...
And all i can say, is Mr Rickman...Love Actually <3


Will 23 said...

i wish i could poem write, that is any good. i find it hard enough to write real proper English let alone a poem

Andy said...

haha this made me gigglol. I too have wrote a poem, but a fake emo one! I shall publish eventually.

franis_alice said...

Im looking into stalking My Alan. I could be the next Mrs Rickman :)