Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I love my creative writing module. It allows me to write poetry like this...

"I like Currraaaaaay" by Maria Allen

(dedicated to the fellow lovers of curry and inventors of the world famous curry song..Mr Tom Willis and Mr William Darling)

There's one thing I want I'll have it if I can
(I know what you're thinking...Alan Rickman?)
Its easy to make, but hard to make good,
I can honestly say its my favourite kind of food!
I'm talking about curry, packed full of spice,
You can eat it with poppadoms, naan bread or rice!

My Mom makes the best curries, all from scratch
When I go home she saves me a batch.
She said, using sauce from a jar is just plain lazy
So crack out those spices and make a Jalfrezzi!
The hotter the better she likes to think,
Just a shame when you eat them, you start to stink.

My speciality is mixing Korma and Tikka.
(Put a lid on the saucepan, I swear it cooks quicker)
From creamy to tangy, I love what curry brings!
Just beware after eating, your arse is going to sting!
Fuck the Italians, they can keep their Salami!
Ask me anyday, I'll prefer chicken biryani!

I love curry :-) Its why I wrote this poem...
But I had a Balti earlier...so to the toilet I be going!


Mustard Bean said...

This is awesome!! Almost as good as the Mr Rickman one, I like the connection too :)

It makes me proud to have you as a best friend when I read your curry rhymingness <3

franis_alice said...

Thank you Amy Cole :)
We need to make a curry sooon!!! xx