Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Second entry of the night...WHATS OCCURING?

So I have to right some free verse poetry. Which I'm honestly terrible at.
But here is my first.

"The Pessimistic Optimistic"

I say I'm numb, that I feel nothing.
However, in truth...I feel everything.
Trying to remember that time I was whole.
But was it merely an illusion?
Those times I was complete,
When the sun had stole its way into my heart,
I could have been dreaming.
The problem with dreams, is that you always wake up.
And I know that now, I am no longer asleep.
He is not worthy of my poetry.
Sonnets pining for affection.
The sun will rise again.
And this time, I'll be awake to see every minute of it.

2 hours and 7 drafts. Ho hum pigs bum :)

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